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Products Update 16 October 2014

Blueberries – Available , but supply still erratic.




Gooseberries – Not Available. Will be available soon.




Mulberries, readily available.




Raspberies available, but supply still eratic.




Strawberries readily available.




Limes readily available ( Source : Brazil ) 




Nectarines now available.



Peaches available soon!



Sweet Melon, Winter Melon & Water Melon:

By next week will be selling Northern Cape / Namibian produce.



Baby Beet: Regular, Golden and Candy available.



Forelle not available, season long finished. Packham readily available. 



Pomegranate : Limited amounts (Source : Israel) 



Asparagus: Green, White and Green Spruh readily available. 



Prices to watch:

It’s that time of the year and some prices will escalate!

Pineapples, Apples, Avocados and Lemons.

Prepare for high Lemon Prices this Summer!




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